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What is enterprise agile transformation?
Imagini pentru Agile enterprise transformation
What is Agile Transformation? Agile transformation is the process of transforming the structure, strategy, people, processes, and technology of an organization based on enterprise Agile principles.

What is agile transformation strategy?
An agile transformation strategy is an organization's long term plan towards a goal of transforming an organization's culture and software delivery methods to be one that practices the values and principles according to the Agile Manifesto.

What makes an enterprise agile?
Enterprise agile is more about being able to inspect and adapt in the large. It's about making smaller bets at the executive level. It's about having the ability to balance the sales and marketing side of the business with your ability to create working products, and then support those products in a sustainable way.

What does an agile transformation look like?
What is Agile Transformation? Agile transformation is embracing change in the organization's structure by applying the principles and values of agile manifesto that, in turn, introduce flexibility, speed, collaboration, communication, and cross-functional setups.